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DIY Christmas Stockings

When I realized we would have thirteen people and pets in our home over the holidays, it seemed like a cute idea as well as cost effective, to make our own Christmas Stockings.  With a little fabric paint we were able to make our own personalized holiday stockings for a fraction of what it would cost if we bought them online.

Here’s a quick recap of what we did.  First, we bought some blue no pill fleece.  Of course Red would be traditional, but its also a bit harder to find in these last shopping days before Christmas.  We also found a really good sale and a lovely shade of blue that would match our tree.  We also picked up some white fleece for the trim.  The amount of material you will need depends on the the number and size of the stockings you will be making.

We traced an “old stocking” from Christmas’ past, giving about a half inch border all around for a seam.  That served as our pattern for our baker’s dozen stocking project.  We folded the fabric in half — with the “good side” of the fleece on the inside of the fold.  Traced, pinned and cut the stocking out.  On the machine we made a straight stitch around the edges then turned the stocking right-side-out.

For the trim, we cut out strips of white fleece that were about five inches tall and more than twice the width of the stocking — leaving about 1-2″ of excess.  With the stocking right side up, we placed the white fleece trim right side DOWN on top of the blue stocking and pinned it in place.  Note:  Both “right sides” of the fleece are touching on the inside.  Then we sewed the pieces together with a quick fastening stitch.

The final step was to turn the stocking with trim, inside out again and sew the last side seam of the white trim together on the edge.  Cut off any excess, turn right side out again and personalize with fabric paint.

Was an easy and fun project and everyone loved their new blue stockings. :)

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