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Wedding Ceremony Tips

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Okay, this isn’t totally DIY-related.  We didn’t hand-craft the ceremony, but I did want to share a few important touches we added.  My family has a history of orthostatic intolerance, which basically means we can’t all stand up for long periods (or sometimes short periods) of time.  I did not want my mother’s illness to get in the way of her sharing this special day with us.  Since she likely wasn’t going to be able to make it to the venue that day, we planned a surprise ceremony in the backyard for immediate family.  Our reverend was kind enough to perform a short service and we read our vows to each other.  You can read more about our Koi Pond Ceremony on my mom’s other blog.


In order to make the 30-minute ceremony more manageable for the bridal party, I bought stools for all the bridesmaids and groomsmen (12 total).  I also had two taller cherry-wood stools that Paul and I sat in during a poetry reading.  Target had the best price on the stools, but they were only sold in stores.  Of course, each store only had 2-3 stools.  With the help of some family members, I managed to go to 5 targets to get all the stools we needed!  They were perfect, classy, and comfortable!


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