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Wedding Photobooth

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This was our pride and joy!  Everyone loved the photobooth and it was all DIY!

(Prices may have changed, * = reusable)

    • iPad (we already owned one)
    • Party Booth app: $4.99
    • *iPad stand: $28.60
    • *Canon SELPHY Printer: $74.99
      (wireless, compatible with the iPad, prints high-quality 4×6 photos)
    • *Extra paper and ink for the printer: $29.73 each
      (We bought 3 extra, and have 2 left over! We plan on using them for personal projects!)
    • PVC pipe (see diagram): about $70, and we have a few leftover
    • Silver Spray paint: must be for plastic! about $4 each, we needed 2 canisters
    • *Shower Curtains: <$20 each
      (5 to cover all sides, we bought 6 to give an extra option for the photo backdrop)




We put the whole booth together for $346.11!  The cheapest professional booth we found was $650 for a limited number of hours!!!


PVC Frame Assembly Directions:

  1. I measured out how big the enclosed booth needed to be, and my mom created a digital model.


  1. You’ll need to purchase each of the PVC parts at your local hardware store.  We made shopping easy and did an online order at Lowes.  They had it ready within an hour.  I didn’t have to sort through all the PVC connectors looking for the right ones!
  2. Assemble all the PVC according to the diagram, but do not hammer them in!  If you want the frame to be sturdy, hammer them in at the last minute (at the venue) because they will be difficult to separate.
    We actually ended up using PVC cutters to disassemble the frame.  If we were more motivated, we would have used the mallet to hammer them back out, but we knew we probably wouldn’t use it again anyway.
  3. Spray paint the frame while it is semi-assembled and let it dry for at least a day.  You might need to apply a second coat.
  4. Before unassembling, mark the PVC pipes and connectors with small dots so you can easily reassemble at the venue.  It works like dominos!  Match the pipe with 2 pink dots to the connector with 2 pink dots.  Match the pipe with 1 black dot to the connector with 1 black dot!  This made assembly much easier at the venue!photobooth6
  5. Put all the shower curtains on the rings and bring them to the venue.
    The 9’ side will need two curtains, so I overlapped two curtains.
    The other 9’ side is the entrance, so it is okay to have an opening.
  6. At the venue, string the curtains onto the PVC pipes before putting the pipes together.
  7. Use a mallet to hammer all the pipes together.photobooth1
  8. You’ll need a spot for a prop/printer table and some stools up against the back drop.
  9. We also put a standing lamp in the corner of the booth so the pictures were well-lit.  This made a big difference!


iPad and Printer Directions:

  1. We already had an iPad, and I read about the Party Booth app on a blog – so that is where the whole idea began!
  2. You can personalize the app with your own title for the photo strips, so we added our names and wedding date.  You’ll need to type it in word on a very small document size (1”h x 2”w).  Then save the document as a PDF – this is the only size the app accepts.  You’ll need a DropBox account to upload the image into the app.background-page-001
  3. Set up the SELPHY printer using the enclosed directions.  You can either connect to the same WiFi connection as your iPad or use a direct connection (we had to do this because the venue did not have WiFi).
  4. Do a test-run to make sure the iPad stand is placed correctly.
  5. photobooth3We also made sure the iPad power-cord was plugged in, so it didn’t die in the middle of the reception.
  6. The photos will print out as two 2×6 strips on a glossy 4×6 sheet of paper.  I left the guests a pair of scissors so they could take one copy and leave one for Paul and I to remember them by!




  • You save a lot of money!
  • All the photos are saved on the iPad, so you have digital memories as well.
  • You get to pick the props and colors (some professionals charge extra for this).


  • Putting the PVC pipe together is tough work!
  • If you aren’t prepared to spend a lot of time and effort disassembling, you may only be able to use it once.

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