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Wedding Flowers

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This was a big project we wanted to take on, and it was spearheaded by my stepmom and stepbrother.  I had some very specific ideas in mind for the flowers, and we thought we could save some money by putting them together ourselves.  It was a BIG project, but it came together beautifully.  Here are all the flowers we ended up using at the event and which ones we left up to the florist.

  • Bridal bouquet – florist
  • Bridesmaid bouquets – DIY
  • Gazebo decorations for the ceremony – florist
  • Centerpieces – DIY
  • Aisle decorations – DIY

I did a bulk flower order with my florist for all the DIY flowers which you can also order easily through Costco.  However, I knew that ordering through the florist would ensure that I received fresher flowers, as they would not have been delivered in the mail.  Also, the florist ended up quoting me less than Costco!  Here is what I ordered:

  • 85 sunflowers
  • 200 white roses
  • baby’s breath
  • green filler (included some fern and leafy plants)
  • 10 blue orchids

flowers7 flowers5

Bridesmaid Bouquets

My step mom and aunts became floral pros during this project! My step mom had purchased all these floral arrangement tools and read multiple guides online for how to assemble bouquets.  They used some rustic ribbon, blue satin ribbon, floral pins, and a lot of patience to put these together!  The flowers were simple: 3 sunflowers and some baby’s breath. Oh!  And we threw in some peacock feathers, of course!



I daydreamed about these from day one!  I knew I wanted something intricate instead of a single display in the middle of each table.  Also, like many, I was on the mason jar bandwagon.  My step brother coordinated these masterpieces, making sure each flower was the exact right height!  Each table had the following:

  • clear half-gallon mason jar – filled with sunflowers, white roses, green leafy filler, 3 peacock feathers, and these sparkly blue twigs
  • clear quart mason jar – filled with white roses
  • blue pint mason jar – filled with baby’s breath and ferns
  • green glass bottle – with the single blue orchid stem
  • small real-wax LED votive candle
  • Some scattered fake blue rose petals

Material Costs:

I don’t have the exact materials and cost list for all the vases, jars, and buckets we used, since I collected these things throughout the year from various places.  Here is what went into the nine centerpieces (note that some materials came in packs that included more than what I needed):

  • 9 half-gallon jars: $36
  • 12 blue pint jars: $11
  • 10 green bottles: $20
  • 12 led candles: $24
  • 12 quart size jars: $20
  • Flowers: $291 (this includes sunflowers for the bridesmaid bouquets)
  • TOTAL: $402 or about $44 for each centerpiece

flowers6 flowers


For the table numbers my bridesmaids helped me make these cute booklets that say “Please write a message for the bride and groom to read on the [insert table number] year anniversary.”  All you need to do is pick out nice scrapbooking paper for the cover (we used a simple yellow paper with a designer rice paper overlay) and ivory card stock for the pages.  Make sure everything is 8½” x 11” and fold the stack in half.  Bind it with some lacy ribbon and voila!  We used a paint pen to write on the front and adhesive cut-out numbers for the table number (so they would stand out).

table numbers


I bought two large galvanized French flower market buckets to put at the beginning of the aisle (one on each side).  We filled these with roses, sunflowers, and some green filler.  Then, we bordered the aisle with yellow flower petals. Our venue only allows fresh petals, so I ordered them from 50flowers.com.  This website helps you determine how many you need for silk and freeze-dried petals, so I estimated that fresh petals were slightly smaller than silk and bigger than freeze-dried.  It worked out perfectly!



  • I got to have the exact flower arrangements I wanted!
  • We had A LOT of fun making them.
  • Guests were able to take home the various centerpiece components.


  • Again, this takes A LOT of time! Also, your time window is small because they are fresh flowers.  We had them about a day in advance, so we had to keep them in water and the A/C on in the house!  We made all the bouquets the night before, after the rehearsal dinner, and we cut all the flowers for the centerpieces.  Then we arranged the centerpieces at the venue the morning of the wedding.

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