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Paper Fan Wedding Programs


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I was planning on just printing out our programs on some nice card stock and keeping it simple.  Then I saw this amazing idea for paper fans with word games on the back!  I literally threw these together a week before the wedding, and they turned out great!  I couldn’t have done it without two very helpful bridesmaids and one of their boyfriends!  We made an assembly line and cranked them out.

Here are the directions on how I made mine (thank you also to this site for instructions!):




  1. Design the programs on Microsoft Word or Illustrator.  I used Word and fonts that matched my escort cards.
  2. Create word games for the back of the programs.  This is a great way to keep guests entertained before the ceremony!  We decided on:
    Word scramble – We used this site to scramble wedding-related wordsprograms5
    Crossword – We used a site that only gives you a PDF if you pay for it, but we secretly took a screenshot to get the puzzle and it turned out great. Then we re-typed the clues.programs4
    Madlib – I created this myself in Word :)programs3
  3. Print out copies of each puzzle (I printed 33 of each version on the new Laser printer my honey got me for my birthday!).programs1
  4. Assemble the fans with double sided tape.  Tape the handle to the paper, then place tape around the edges.  Fold the program in half and firmly press all the edges together.programs2
  5. Use the corner punch to round all the corners.
  6. We didn’t end up tying the golf pencils to each fan.  We just put them in a small jar next to the fans at the ceremony site.


  • You can add a personal touch and some humor to your wedding programs!
  • Your guests have something to do while they wait for the ceremony to begin.


  • They do take a while to put together.  Form an assembly line!

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