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The 20-Cent, 2-Minute Thistle Bird Feeder

Okay your price may vary of course depending on how much you estimate an old knee high stocking is worth. But by my calculations we are talking about pennies to make this easy DIY thistle feeder for your backyard birds.

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 knee high stocking (or you can cut the leg off of an old stocking that you were going to throw away)
1 chopstick (or a twig would work fine too)
1 lid to a pickle jar the size doesn’t really matter
And thistle seed

Place the pickle jar lid at the bottom of your stocking.

Next, I use a large empty yogurt container to help me hold the stocking in place in order to fill it with thistle.

Pour the thistle into the stocking until it is three to four inches high. Then take a chopstick or twig and push it through the thistle right above the pickle jar lid.

That’s it.

Attach to a tree limb or hang on a hook for your backyard birds.

It took my goldfinches about two weeks before they found the thistle feeder but once they did the word spread all through the neighborhood and now I have a wonderful little flock of happy song birds along with the scrub jays, sparrows and towhees who eat the wild bird seed alongside them in my flat bed tray.

Why spend twenty dollars or more when you can make this easy thistle feeder for only pennies?

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