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Homemade “Drip” Irrigation

My boyfriend is a proud country boy at home in the great outdoors or the back woods of Kentucky perhaps in any event. So when he came to join me here in SoCal he was eager to plant a little garden in the land of sun and .. well more sun. It’s the desert after […] […]

DIY with Enviro-Friendly Materials

Ten years ago, my home improvement projects were focused on reducing allergens (have I mentioned my hairless pets?) But today indoor air polution is a lot more serious than simple dust mites or swapping out the carpet and drapes. Last year while renovating a downstairs bedroom suite for our housemate I learned about No VOC […] […]

The 20-Cent, 2-Minute Thistle Bird Feeder

Okay your price may vary of course depending on how much you estimate an old knee high stocking is worth. But by my calculations we are talking about pennies to make this easy DIY thistle feeder for your backyard birds. Here’s what you’ll need: 1 knee high stocking (or you can cut the leg off […] […]

Forever in Blue Jeans

Raising three children, there seemed to be an endless supply of clothes that were outgrown or became unfashionable before their time. Throwing away perfectly good clothes just isn’t something we can do. But there are dozens of ways you don’t need to leave your old 501s behind! Just take a Google at the endless tips […] […]