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Going No Shampoo — Part 2

Going No Shampoo

In this vlog I discuss my experience with the “No Poo” movment. After seven months I can say with confidence that my hair is fuller, has more body and is easier to manage than when I was using shampoo, conditioner and other hair care products. For those just learning about this daring experiment I would […] […]

Homemade Laundry Powder

When you look at your grocery bill, the giant bottle of Tide (perfume free Cheer, Seventh Generation, or your favorite brand of choice) is a pretty big ticket item. Finding an alternative to store bought laundry detergent can be both budget wise and earth friendly. My first forage into the land of laundry soap alternatives […] […]

How to Make Your Own Cloth Napkins

When I saw my friend using cloth napkins, in an effort to green her kitchen table, I thought — Why buy? A quick Google-and-glance at a few DIY sites and I was off on a new green adventure! I tried several designs, from square corners to finished zig zag edges before settling on a […] […]

Forever in Blue Jeans

Raising three children, there seemed to be an endless supply of clothes that were outgrown or became unfashionable before their time. Throwing away perfectly good clothes just isn’t something we can do. But there are dozens of ways you don’t need to leave your old 501s behind! Just take a Google at the endless tips […] […]