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DIY Christmas Stockings

stocking baner

When I realized we would have thirteen people and pets in our home over the holidays, it seemed like a cute idea as well as cost effective, to make our own Christmas Stockings. With a little fabric paint we were able to make our own personalized holiday stockings for a fraction of what it would […] […]

Homemade “Drip” Irrigation

My boyfriend is a proud country boy at home in the great outdoors or the back woods of Kentucky perhaps in any event. So when he came to join me here in SoCal he was eager to plant a little garden in the land of sun and .. well more sun. It’s the desert after […] […]

Going No Shampoo – Part 4

The cat’s out of the bag! Or the shampoo bottle in this case. In part 4 of my “No Poo” series, I explain how and why I’ve gone back to using commercial shampoo as part of my hair care routine. I haven’t given up on baking soda and vinegar. I use a combination of traditional […] […]

The 20-Cent, 2-Minute Thistle Bird Feeder

Okay your price may vary of course depending on how much you estimate an old knee high stocking is worth. But by my calculations we are talking about pennies to make this easy DIY thistle feeder for your backyard birds. Here’s what you’ll need: 1 knee high stocking (or you can cut the leg off […] […]

How to make Thieves Oil at Home for a Household Cleaner

To be honest, I know very little behind the science or technology of these reputable brands like Young Living Essential Oils or Auru Cacia who each sell varieties of thieves blend or medieval oil blend. I’ve certainly read up a bit on the legend that has several variants but goes something like … grave robbers […] […]

Homemade Liquid Laundry Detergent for Pennies a Load!

I’ve been tweaking our family recipe for homemade laundry detergent since I published the powder recipe some time ago. We have a new HE machine now that uses WAY LESS WATER and the powder would not have a chance to dissolve completely during the regular wash cycle. In this variation I am using Castile Bar […] […]

DIY Potholders

When I was little, one of my favorite toys aside from my Etch A Sketch® was a plastic potholder maker. I would spend hours weaving scraps of fabric on this small toy loom. Yeah, this is what passed for entertainment in the 60’s and 70’s before social networking became our most cherished hobby. 😉 As […] […]

Make Your Own Aromatherapy Hot/Cold Pack

My homemade hot packs provide much needed pain relief throughout the day. Whether I use one from the freezer or microwave a couple to soothe my shoulders, these small satchels of healing grains and pulses are always close at hand. They make an heartfelt gift for family and friends and can be as simple to […] […]

Going No Shampoo – Part 3