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Perfectly Peeled Garlic

We eat a lot of garlic for the taste and the health benefits, but peeling whole heads of garlic by hand for a recipe can be a pain. In the video we show one trick that makes peeling garlic a snap! We experimented with lots of shaking containiners … like a dutch oven with a […] […]

DIY Christmas Stockings

stocking baner

When I realized we would have thirteen people and pets in our home over the holidays, it seemed like a cute idea as well as cost effective, to make our own Christmas Stockings. With a little fabric paint we were able to make our own personalized holiday stockings for a fraction of what it would […] […]

Going No Shampoo – Part 4

The cat’s out of the bag! Or the shampoo bottle in this case. In part 4 of my “No Poo” series, I explain how and why I’ve gone back to using commercial shampoo as part of my hair care routine. I haven’t given up on baking soda and vinegar. I use a combination of traditional […] […]

DIY with Enviro-Friendly Materials

Ten years ago, my home improvement projects were focused on reducing allergens (have I mentioned my hairless pets?) But today indoor air polution is a lot more serious than simple dust mites or swapping out the carpet and drapes. Last year while renovating a downstairs bedroom suite for our housemate I learned about No VOC […] […]

Going No Shampoo – Part 3

Going No Shampoo — Part 2

Going No Shampoo

In this vlog I discuss my experience with the “No Poo” movment. After seven months I can say with confidence that my hair is fuller, has more body and is easier to manage than when I was using shampoo, conditioner and other hair care products. For those just learning about this daring experiment I would […] […]

How to Make Your Own Cloth Napkins

When I saw my friend using cloth napkins, in an effort to green her kitchen table, I thought — Why buy? A quick Google-and-glance at a few DIY sites and I was off on a new green adventure! I tried several designs, from square corners to finished zig zag edges before settling on a […] […]

Welcome to the Conversation!

What’s this blog about? Who doesn’t need to save money? And while there are infomercials, gadgets and gizzmos that you can buy for turn key solutions to make your life easier, I have always found myself drawn to the FREE ideas. The ones that tell you how to thrive on a shoe string budget. But […] […]