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Sunflower Seed Escort Cards


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I saw a few ideas on Pinterest, but discovered that sunflower seed packets cost upwards of $2 each!  Since these weren’t our official favors (the photobooth strips served that purpose!) I didn’t want to shell out too much money on this adorable escort card idea!  I also didn’t like the commercial designs on the packets, and I would have to put a label on them anyway.  I decided to make my own, and I think they turned out much classier!

Materials: (Prices may have changed)


  1. Use Microsoft Word or another word processing program to design the front of the seed packet.  I used a simple vintage sunflower image.  Of course, I also downloaded an antique-looking typewriter font for the guest names!
    When you print on label sheets, the word template is typically oriented portrait-style.  For these name badges, that means they are horizontal.  I had to make a new template, which was a bit tricky!  You can download it here.
  2. These could just be favors, and each one would just have your names and wedding date.  To make them escort cards use mail-merge to add each guest name and table number. (Hint: You’ll need an Excel spreadsheet with two columns: Guest Name and Table Number).seeds2
  3. Use small return labels to put brief planting instructions on the back.  Mine read:
    Plant in mostly sunny areas. 
    Sow seeds 1/4” deep. 
    Keep moist between waterings.
  4. Place the name badge on front and return label on the back.
  5. Figure out how many seeds you have.  Sometimes the website says how many are in a pound.  I had about 3,500 sunflower seeds, which meant I could put about 35 seeds in each of my 100 envelopes.
  6. These envelopes were self-adhesive, so you just fold over the flap and press together!
  7. We put them in alphabetical order and placed them neatly on a table at the reception entrance!



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