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Wedding Day Jewelry

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When it came to bridal jewelry, I wanted something subtle but vibrant. I kept falling in love with jewelry sets on Etsy that used this Bermuda Blue Swarovski crystal. I fell so much in love that I wanted to buy matching earrings for my bridesmaids as well!  At this point, the jewelry was getting expensive!  I’ve dabbled with jewelry-making in the past, and decided to I could take on this project myself!  I bought all the materials at http://www.bestbuybeads.com/ and http://www.artbeads.com/.  I would have gone to my local bead store, but it was 11 PM when I came up with this idea and I was just too excited to wait until they opened to start shopping!

bridal jewlery14781829373_bf2e579f60_o


Bridal Set

As for my earrings I modified a design I found here (scroll down to #87).  It took a while to decide on the length, but I found a nice medium between classy and costumey.I kept my necklace very simple with just the crystal pendant and a sterling silver flower bail.  This brought together both the peacock and sunflower aspects of my theme.  I strung the pendant and bail on a silky silver chain, and the necklace was done!





Bridesmaid Earrings

Everyone had different necklines, so I decided to just make earrings for my gals.  My MOH came over one evening and we went to town with the needle-nose pliers! We used simple french-earring hooks with the bermuda blue pendant, a small pearl, and a simple bail.  To add some extra flare, I attached some mini-peacock feather eyelets (cruelty free, of course!) using crimp beads.


  • They were gorgeous!  Everyone at the wedding commented on my and the bridesmaids’ jewelry.
  • They were also cost-effective! For about $150 I bedazzled myself and 6 bridesmaids (and this includes many left-over pieces!  I can make at least 2 more pairs of earrings and I have silver fixings for many future jewelry projects). I easily could have spent $350 on pre-made jewelry!
  • I was able to try different styles and ideas before deciding on a finished product.


  • It takes A LOT of time and patience, especially when it came to attaching the peacock feathers.
  • The peacock feathers were very lightweight compared to the crystal, and it was a windy day.  They would have all blown in front of the crystal if one of my girls didn’t have the idea to stick a small piece of double-sided tape between the feather and crystal.

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