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Going No Shampoo – Part 3

2 comments to Going No Shampoo – Part 3

  • I love your videos and articles. I started using a milder homemade shampoo. I may be on a step-down method. ha ha :) Keep the videos coming. I am about to take the plunge soon and try no poo for a few months and see how it goes.

  • Amy

    Hello……….I hav been No Poo for over at month now and I luv it. I now hav all 4 of my girls doing it TOO! I hav a hard and can NOT find the answer to it. SO may be you can halp me. MY sister is planing to get married and she wants ALL of us Bridesmaids to have LONG hair….well I have somewhat shorter hair so she could have us wear our hair in a half up do. SO she wants me to get hair extensions put in. I have had them in the past and spent LOADS of $$$$ to care for them. I do NOT want to go back to using anything but the NO-poo method. My Hair is wonderful…..but I am wondering IF you hav heard of anyone using the no poo method with Liquid Gold hair bond for gluing in hair extensions? I LUV my Sister….but I LUV my NO poo way of doing my hair….and would LUV to keep doing no poo with the hair extensions in…….hope U can help me with this…Thanks Amy

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