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Going No Shampoo

In this vlog I discuss my experience with the “No Poo” movment.  After seven months I can say with confidence that my hair is fuller, has more body and is easier to manage than when I was using shampoo, conditioner and other hair care products.

For those just learning about this daring experiment I would suggest you take a Google at the pioneers who have paved the way for us to challenge the mass media marketing campaign that insists we need detergents, chemicals and perfumes in order to have clean, healthy hair.  Nature Mom’s website has an excellent introduction from the health benefits and thorough explanation of the chemical content in most commercial products to trouble shooting tips that can help you get past the adjustment phase.

There is also a large No Poo forum were you can read about others experience and even post a question of your own.

For me, part of the experiment was finding out what ratio of baking soda to water worked best for my long hair.  Most people recommend 1 tsp baking soda dissolved in one cup of water.  Other folks use baking soda dry directly on their hair.  During that first month of adjustment I tried everything under the sun from an occasional egg rinse, lemon wash and even olive oil — DON’T PUT OLIVE OIL ON YOUR HAIR!!!  It absolutely will not rinse out with shampoo!!

For my hair, for now, what works best is 2 TBL baking soda mixed with 2 cups of water.  I actually pour this on my scalp before I get my hair wet under the shower.  Fingertip massage is an important part of the regime and necessary to break up any dirt or oils that your hair has collected during the day.  I rinse with a dilute vinegar solution.  Most people use Apple Cider Vinegar, but when I am on a very tight budget I find that even plain distilled white vinegar works just fine.

Combing with a fine tooth comb or using a boar’s hair bristol brush (fellow vegetarians, you can find these in synthetic fibers too!) is another step that is important to distribute the natural oils that our scalp produces down into the length of the hair.  By not stripping away our natural hair protectants the result is fuller hair with more body, bounce and brilliance.

But don’t take my word for it … this is one of those unquestioned beliefs that you can check out for yourself.

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  • Melissa

    I have decided! Thank you so much. You have inspired me SO much today!! I feel you are an answer to my prayers for saving $ and the enviornment while accomplishing my goal to be all natural! You are beautiful and your hair looks gorgeous! =)

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