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Welcome to the Conversation!

What’s this blog about?

Who doesn’t need to save money? And while there are infomercials, gadgets and gizzmos that you can buy for turn key solutions to make your life easier, I have always found myself drawn to the FREE ideas. The ones that tell you how to thrive on a shoe string budget. But for some of us, its more than just being money wise, its about being health conscious in an otherwise unconscious fast food paradigm. And not only our personal health is at stake, but we are each stake holders in this precious planet. So for me, the glass slipper fits when we talk about sustainability. From small scale conservation efforts that you can do at home, to government and international organizations on strategic plans about global warming. My blog hopes to capture each end of the spectrum from the microcosm of how you can begin to make a difference today, to the macro implications for the earth, the economy, and for future generations.

Meet Karma Ann Parker

In my academic career (Nancy Parker) I studied psychology with an emphasis on the psychophysiology of stress and spent over twenty years teaching people how to work comfortably with technology. She has authored several meditation tracks that are available at Amazon.com in addition to a series of free YouTube videos.

Karma’s personal healing journey has led her on a path that has explored holistic integrative approaches to wellness. Her cookbook The 30-Day Vegetarian, also available at Amazon.com, explores the treasures of cruelty free eating as well as introducing her readers to a whole showcase of new grains, pulses and good old fashion comfort food at it’s best.

In 2007, Karma became disabled due to a relatively rare autonomic disorder known as Dysautonomia, see her YouTube video on Dysautonomia. She continues to find ways to downsize, reuse and sustain as she learns how to live with a life limiting illness. Its not just about change, as much as changing one thing at a time and continuing to practice an overall commitment to — live simply so that others may simply live, (Gandhi).

How can I become part of the conversation?

We welcome readers to subscribe to our blog and post comments including your own stories of sustainability and what works for your family, business or community at large.

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  • Sue5boys

    Well I have done it! Made my first batch of homemade laundry soap. Smells very nice & washing my first Load. We will see.

  • Judy Z

    Can I use the same formula of Thieves oil on my finished hardwood floors as I do on my wood furniture?

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